Home-Selling Checklist: 6 Things To Do If You’re Thinking Of Selling

August 28, 2020 5 min read


Thinking of selling your house? Then it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! After all, selling your home involves a whole lot more than just planting a "For Sale" sign on your front lawn or uploading a few fancy photos of your place online —especially if you’re aiming for the best price (and, honestly, who isn’t?).

So - before you put your house on the market, here’s a checklist of things to do in preparation. Some of these tips are surprisingly easy, while others might require a bit more elbow grease. In any case, your hard work will pay dividends once buyers start signing contracts.


1. Commit to the sale

The first and most important step is to commit to the sale. If you have a partner, ensure that you are both completely on board with your decision to sell. In my years as an agent I have seen owners chop and change their mind about selling during the sales process, and this only leads to heartache and frustration. You should avoid just ‘testing the market’ - if the ‘For Sale’ sign is going up, you’re selling!

At this point it is important to emotionally distance yourself from the house. This is a difficult thing to do - but you have a product to sell. From this point onwards, it’s important to be able to think rationally and logically about the sale. You should avoid letting an emotional attachment to the house influence your decision making (especially when it comes to accepting an offer).


2. Fix up everything you’ve been putting off

Even in new estates like Providence, most buyers chose to get a ‘Building and Pest’ report done once they submit an offer on a home. This is a thorough hour-long inspection by a qualified inspector and their only job is to find faults. So, let’s ensure they can’t find anything! If your property needs any repairs, make sure these are taken care of before you go to market. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Patching up any holes and cracks
  • Re-painting any marked walls
  • Fixing ripped fly screens
  • Tightening leaking taps
  • Replacing blown bulbs
  • Ensuring your termite protection warranty is up to date

If you’re not a DIY enthusiast, hire a handyman for the day to fix those jobs you’ve been putting off. A small financial investment here will pay significant dividends later.


3. Roll up your sleeves and get to work in the garden

Commit to ridding your backyard of weeds before you go to market. If you have turf, try to green up your lawn as much as possible. Commit to a solid watering and mowing regime at least a month out, and apply a high nitrogen fertiliser to get your lawn looking as green as possible.

Fresh mulch always looks great - so top it up if it needed (Sapar in Raceview will deliver for $30 - you don’t need a Ute!). Tidy up any pebbles, stain your deck and replace any dead plants. Make sure you get rid of any ant nests, and remove any wasp nests on your eaves or patio.

You don’t need to have an award winning garden, but you do need to ensure that buyers won’t be turned off by an unsightly landscape. If you hate gardening work, call in a yard maintenance specialist and get them to do it for you (you’ll find you probably won’t spend more than $300). I recommend DW Garden and Mowing Service in Ipswich.


4. Clean and de-clutter

Ensure you get rid of any clutter that will make your home look smaller than what it is. If ‘stuff’ has been building up - get rid of it! 

  • That drum kit in the corner of the living room? Put it into storage.
  • Overflowing wardrobe? Do a clothing cull.
  • Your collection of moisturisers on the bathroom bench? Hide them!!

It is important to ensure your home feels as airy and open as possible, and every little bit helps.

Before buyers come through your home, you’ll also need to give it a thorough clean. Be sure to vigorously attack the areas we all often neglect, including shower screens, grout lines and skirting boards. If your carpets are dirty, pay the $100 to have them professionally cleaned. A clean house makes a buyer feel more comfortable, and it allows them to focus on what actually matters. The last thing you want is a buyer wondering when you last scrubbed your shower screen, and missing your upgraded rain shower head.


5. Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and artwork will make your home feel fresh and modern. For all the gentlemen asking what a throw is … don’t worry, just don’t touch it.

I recommend paying a visit to the Providence display homes and take note of the latest styling trends. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to achieve the same look - often you can get the same result from cheaper Kmart furnishings. TK Maxx is also a hidden gem you need to discover. If interior styling isn’t your strong point - I can help you!


6. Pick your agent

Now that your home is ready to take to market, you need to find the right agent to handle your biggest asset.

When meeting with the agent, you will need to assess whether they are the right fit for you. Having a good relationship with your agent will make the experience of selling your home much smoother and enjoyable. Be mindful of the agent’s demeanour, and beware of a big ego. Many agents love talking about themselves at every opportunity, so much so that they will treat every open home as a chance to drum up new business. You should feel comfortable that your agent is focused on selling the home they are standing in.

Spoiler alert - selling your home will be an emotional rollercoaster. Luckily, Vanya is a seasoned adrenaline junkie who’s been on this ride many times before. She will guide you through every step of the way, using her years of experience to make your selling journey as stress-free as possible. She is refreshingly honest, always reliable and easily contactable - with her phone glued to her at all times, you'll never wait long for a response. 

Most importantly - since she lives only minutes away from you, your sale will absolutely affect the value of her own home! Simply put, she has a great reason to fight tooth and nail to get you the best deal.